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Computer-Aided Protocol Engineering Tools (CAPE)

The Bayfront CAPE Tools™ are an integrated set of techniques for describing, analyzing, simulating, implementing, and documenting cooperating processes. Data communications protocols and telephony protocols are the best known examples of such processes. However, the CAPE tools have also been used in many unexpected ways such as controling operator interactions, providing real-time control, and modeling multi-threaded Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
Overview of the CAPE Tool approach.
Versions and updates of the CAPE Tools. Also includes lists of changes and known problems with each version.
Frequently Asked Questions about the CAPE Tools.
Download the current demo (Win 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP) in ZIP format. The demo is capable of compiling and generating only small protocols. The large Q931 ISDN protocol source and ouput are given for reference. Does not modify or place any files outside of the directory you specify. See the README.TXT in the ZIP file for restrictions and installation information.
Order and delivery details for the CAPE Tools.
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