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[CAPE v2.0 splash screen] Bayfront CAPE Tools v2.0
An initial version CAPE Tools v2.0 (v2.117b) was completed for the newer MS Windows GUIs in 1998. It changed the GUI aspects but retained the existing code generator for compatability. The company decided not to offer this version as an upgrade in order to significantly improve stability and code generation flexibility. The beta version is offered free of charge to owners of the full 1.5 version product. Please contact the company at info@BayfrontTechnologies.com . The final version 2.0 will compile or translate exisiting PDL codes. We expect to be able to offer the full graphical environment on both Windows and Linux. A compatible PDL compiler (CAPEGen) for UNIX source code control and build environments will be available after the initial product release. Upgrades from v1.5 will be available. Prices have not yet been set.
[CAPE v1.5 splash screen] Bayfront CAPE Tools v1.5b
CAPE Tools for Windows v1.5b is the current CAPE product. Version 1.5 initially shipped in June 1993 and went through a minor revision to v1.5b in January 1995. All CAPE 1.5 versions can produce formal theory protocol simulation and validation output. See the news item on the AT&T SPIN simulator. The Bayfront CAPE Tools v1.5 User's Manual for is available for download in PDF form. This version will operate under all versions of MS Windows 3.1 or greater.
Changes and Known Problems with CAPE Tools v1.5b
Bayfront CAPEGen v1.5b
CAPEGen v1.5 for compiling PDL to C is a command line compiler compatible with the CAPE Tools for Windows v1.5. It is supported on UNIX systems where there is a need for source code control builds of PDL either developed using the CAPE Tools product.
Bayfront CAPE Tools v1.0
The initial version of the Bayfront CAPE Tools v1.0 shipped in June 1992 as the stand-alone tools CAPEDraw and CAPEGen. CAPEDraw v1.0 for drawing and printing diagrams under MSDOS is no longer supported. CAPEGen v1.0 compiled PDL under MSDOS and UNIX.
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