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Ordering Bayfront CAPE Tools™

The Bayfront Technologies CAPE Tools™ are currently not available to end users. We still use and improve the CAPE Tools in our consulting work but have not taken the time to produce and support a product suitable for end users.

The CAPE Tools was an experiment we ran in the 1990s between two business models: software as service (i.e., ourselves using the CAPE plus other software tools on contract) versus software as product (i.e., sell the tool software and support others using it). Far and away we did better with software as service - which is what we really do today. We released v2.0.0.117c (beta) free of charge in 1999 to all owners of the full v1.5 product on the Microsoft Windows platforms.

However what CAPE really did well was to introduce us to a lot of smaller companies who could not afford our service. Some of those companies grew large and finally could afford our service. Some of the employees who used CAPE at smaller companies left and got jobs at larger companies.

Releasing CAPE as product again is a constant source of discussion here. We learned a lot by having a lot of users in so many unexpected fields using the product in unexpected ways. We miss that - it's fun and it gives us more ideas. As an example CAPE output kept becoming the "management" layer of products such as DSL modems, cable boxes, medical devices, cell phones, laser communications, and process monitoring networks just to make sure the overall whole system didn't enter a locking or unexpected state. That mode of usage in so many different fields surprised us.

So CAPE is really on the website as a piece of nostalgia - and a reminder that it was our strongest marketing tool to small companies second only to advertising.


For current users of the CAPE Tools only please:


Problems lists for each product are provided under the version information for the product. Each problem either provides a solution or workaround. If you believe you have a problem not included on that list please send the product, the version, and a description of the problem by email to info@BayfrontTechnologies.com or by FAX to (714)436.0323. Email is preferred. It is helpful if you can include an example that demonstrates the problem and your email address and/or phone so we can get back to you with solutions or workarounds.


We have found that feedback from our users is extremely valuable. Often suggestions are easy to include either in minor updates of current products or next generation products. Keep in mind we strive for platform independence in our generated code. As you would expect, most of the time the suggestions are good ideas that didn't occur to us but come up in your environment every day. Sometimes the suggestion is already supported in the product but the feature documentation is poor. Please mark your suggestions as such and send them to info@BayfrontTechnologies.com. We will respond to all sugestions. Thank you.
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