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Release Notes for Bayfront CAPE Tools™ version 1.5b
1/9/95 [Production Version]


  1. Problem with code generator not resetting completely between successive compiles of the same PDL repaired in many cases. Particularly the misnumbering of SwLbVect entries has been fixed. Some problems still exist - see problems below.
  2. The simulator example source (\EXAMPLES\Q931TEST.c) on the release disk is slightly changed from the source in the BCT Help to allow input from the command line or user input.

Known Problems:

  1. Viewing state transition diagrams for protocols with one state will fail during layout.
  2. Problem with code generator not resetting completely between successive compiles of the same PDL still plagues PDL with complex switch statements. WORK AROUND: for a final compilation exit BCT, restart BCT, compile, and exit again. In some situations involving default events this problem can cause a General Protection fault under Windows 3.1. There is no simple work around. To solve this problem the DOS version of the CAPE tools (CAPEGEN and CAPEDRAW) that correctly handle the problem are included on the disk. Use of the DOS based tools is described on pages 2-6 through 2-10 of the Users Guide.
  3. If an action prototype file (.act) exists, the compiler will not overwrite it. This is because it may have been augmented with your action definitions. The warning message that the file will not be written goes by too quickly to be seen.
  4. Long comments over 132 characters cause the parser to fail during syntax check. WORK AROUND: bracket comments on the same line.
  5. Complex switch statements at the end of a state definition can cause an error during code generation and diagram layout. This stems from an ambiguity in the PDL grammar. WORK AROUND: exchange the event- action pair of the state with a simple one for the same state.
  6. Built-in editor needs speed and feature improvements. Deletion of all text one character at a time can occasionally force a protection failure.
  7. The name "default" should not be used as a user variable name. It can cause the code generator to construct incorrect code.
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