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[info] Metacompiler Tutorial 1 Available
Click on the above link to learn how to easily build a compiler compiler on a web page using the Metacompiler Workshop. Learn what metacompilers are and how they work. Have the workshop translate the metacompiler into your favorite language. All freely available open source under a BSD license. For C users Daniel Chapiesky has reworked the tutorial Meta II interpreter model in C and kindly posted it on Github.
[CAPE V20] CAPE v2.0 Beta Available
The Beta version (v2.117b) for Microsoft Windows ® 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP is available to owners of the full CAPE v1.5 Windows version product.
[V1.5 Manual] CAPE v1.5 Manual Available
Download the CAPE v1.5 manual in PDF to better understand Computer-Aided Protocol Engineering (CAPE). An overview of CAPE is also available.
[Fun] Web Page Protocol Simulation
JavaScript simulation of the DataXfer protocol demonstrates possibility of protocol guided web interactions.
[V1.5 Spin] CAPE v1.5 Upgrade
Download a config file that enables SPIN formal theory validation output.
[Company Info] Company Information
History, goals and people of Bayfront Technologies.
[CAPE diagrams] Products and Services
CAPE Tools aid protocol and real-time system development.
[News] News and Reports
Announcements, comments, discussion, tech reports.
[Admin] Administration and Support
Support, ordering, and order tracking.
[Just for Fun] Just for Fun
Examples and unexpected uses of our technology.
[Technology] Technology
Web references and documents describing our approach.
[Draco] Reuse, Domain Analysis and Draco Information
Information on our work in this area over the last 25 years as references, abstracts, papers, presentations, and manuals in HTML and PDF.

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